…but sometimes I’ll sneak in there and open all the drawers and lie on the floor and close my eyes and just smell [them].

Juliette Barnes Gifs, 1x06 “You’re Gonna Change (Or I’m Gonna Leave)”

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  • A mixture of 245x180 and 500x250 gifs;
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  • Enjoy! :)


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Nina’s hair appreciation post in 2014

Hi friend, I love your gifs -- I was wondering where you got the HQ/HD videos to gif from?:) Is it a certain streaming link or do you record off Netflix or something?:)

Bless your little heart, that was so sweet, but I’m from Serbia and we don’t have Netflix over here. It’s all in the torrents, my friend. :)

"Four months after the Season 5 finale, Elena is still “grieving” Damon, but also “excelling in her pre-med program,” executive producer Caroline Dries tells TVLine. Elena’s new endeavor will also prove fruitful for Alaric, who will shack up with her mentor Jo. (“Love is in the air!”) Sadly, romance won’t be in the air for Stefan, who “doesn’t have the emotional energy for a relationship.” And even when he is ready, he’s still “a typical guy who just sees Caroline as a friend.” Bonnie and Damon’s whereabouts will unfold “slowly” as they continue to “get on each other’s nerves like an old married couple.” Meanwhile, Tyler will embrace his “second chance” at humanity, but will discover “the rage is still inside him” and he can’t run from it. As for Matt, he’ll finally get to live in Mystic Falls without having to constantly watch his back. We’ll also learn more about Liv and Luke’s “dark past” and “destiny,” which will reveal why they came to Whitmore College. BONUS SPOILER | Elena will try to set up Caroline with her new pre-med buddy Liam (Maro James), as she thinks they’re “the perfect match.”"
- TV Line Fall TV Spoilers 2014 (x)

What’s beyond The Other Side? @KatGraham and @iansomerhalder return for #TVD Season 6 in ONE MONTH!

What’s beyond The Other Side? @KatGraham and @iansomerhalder return for #TVD Season 6 in ONE MONTH!

You should have some fun while you still can. You deserve it.

I can’t.

Don’t you know? Life is a fight.

Don’t you know? Life is a fight.

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EP Jason Rothenberg struggles at not spoiling season two of the 100 (x)